Best Places To Experience Sunrise In Sydney

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Witnessing the beginning of a new day is magical as the sun’s first rays delicately colour the sky with shades of gold and pink. Sydney, a city famed for its breathtaking natural beauty and dynamic metropolitan landscapes, provides a variety of enthralling locations where you may take in the splendour of daybreak. Sydney has some of the best locations to welcome the sun as it comes over the horizon, including famous landmarks and tranquil seaside views. So, whether you’re a local hoping to start your day with a sense of wonder or a visitor hoping to capture the essence of Sydney’s early mornings, join us as we set out to find the best sunrise spots in Sydney.

1. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

There is no better site in Sydney to experience this wonderful moment than at Bondi Beach when the first light of dawn rises over the horizon. Bondi Beach is a genuinely magical location for a sunrise viewing experience like no other with its recognisable golden sands, crashing surf, and lively atmosphere. Bondi Beach, which is located along the eastern coast of Australia, is well known for its world-class surf breaks, vibrant atmosphere, and spectacular sunrises that grace its coastlines. A serene and breathtaking scene that is a true feast for the senses is created as the sun peaks over the Pacific Ocean and bathes the entire beach in a warm, golden glow.

Bondi Beach sunrise is a photographer’s and Instagram enthusiast’s dream come true. The interaction of light and shadow, the sand’s reflection, and the silhouettes of early-morning surfers all combine to create mesmerising scenes that beg to be photographed. The dawn at Bondi Beach gives many opportunities to take picture-perfect images that will be treasured for years to come, whether you’re a professional photographer or just using your smartphone.

After enjoying the sunrise, you can enjoy delicious food at some of the best eating spots.

Name Bondi Beach
Sunrise Time 7:01 am
Opening Time 24 Hours
Nearby Attractions Bondi to Manly Walk, Bondi Markets, North Bondi Lookout
Address Queen Elizabeth Drive, Sydney, New South Wales 2026 Australia
Google Review: “One of the wellknown beaches in Sydney. It’s great for swimming, surfing, bars, and sunrises, and there are a lot of parking. You could go here by bus easily as well.” – SO

2. Manly Beach

Manly Beach

Manly Beach should be your next stop if you want to catch the beauty of the sunrise in Sydney. There is something enchanting about seeing the beginning of a new day when the sun’s first rays delicately colour the sky with shades of gold and pink. Manly Beach is a lovely location close to Sydney where you can take in spectacular sunrises and unwind with activities. The ocean sparkles in the morning, and you can watch surfers catch waves. The North Head Hill gives the morning view a unique touch.

You can also try out for the swim team of the Bold and Beautiful, every day at 7 a.m. They meet on Manly Beach and swim 750 metres to Shelly Beach and back. You can choose to begin your day with a reviving swim in the sea. You’ll feel good when the waves gently splash around you. Alternatively, you might go for a calm stroll along the water’s edge while admiring the lovely scenery. Yoga on the beach is a great way to unwind and feel peaceful. You’ll feel more at ease listening to the waves. You’ll feel more at ease listening to the waves. It’s one of the most popular sights to see the sunrise in Sydney. To witness the incredible, plan your trip early.

Name Manly Beach
Sunrise Time 6:42 am
Opening Time 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Nearby Attractions South Steyne Beach, Manly Markets, Sophie Tea Art
Address North Steyne, Sydney, New South Wales 2095 Australia
Google Review: “I recently visited Manly Beach and was blown away by the stunning sunrise views. The beach itself is beautiful and the easy parking in the morning made it convenient to get there early to catch the sunrise. The beach was also not too crowded, making it a great spot for a peaceful morning walk or swim. I highly recommend visiting Manly Beach for the breathtaking sunrise and easy parking.” – Yousef Dablin

3. Wattamolla Beach

Wattamolla Beach

Sydney’s Wattamolla Beach is a fantastic location to see the sunrise. The sky turns pink and gold as the sun rises, and the beach appears serene and lovely. You can see the sun rising from the water because the beach is close to the ocean. The light glistens on the ocean, and you can hear the waves lazily splashing.

The huge cliffs and numerous green plants that surround the beach add to the beauty of the morning. You can take pictures of this memorable occasion, wander on the sand, or just sit peacefully. A serene location where you may take in the wonders of nature and the dawn is Wattamolla Beach.

Beyond its beautiful coastline, Wattamolla Beach enchants visitors. The sunrise experience is made more magnificent by the presence of imposing rocks. The vista is framed by these massive natural structures, which together offer an incredible backdrop that heightens the visual splendour of the morning. Rich foliage flourishes amidst the rocky terrain, bringing a splash of colour and vibrancy to the early-morning scene. Pack your camera and get ready to experience the beauty of sunrise in this wonderful city.

Name Wattamolla Beach
Sunrise Time 6:35 am
Opening Time 7 am to 8:30 pm
Nearby Attractions Wattamolla Falls, Providential Point Lookout, Symbio Wildlife Park
Address Sutherland Shire NSW 2232, Australia
Google Review: “Went on an uncrowded weekday morning and it was absolutely divine. Shallows for younger children, deep enough to swim near the waterfall. The cove makes the ocean swimming much gentler than the open water.” – Lyric Montgomery Kinard

4. Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill

Sydney’s Observatory Hill is a well-liked vantage point for witnessing the mesmerising morning show. Observatory Hill provides a fantastic vantage point to see the world wake up to a new day as the early morning light begins to paint the sky. High above the city, Observatory Hill offers a clear perspective of the horizon, making it possible to observe the sun’s climb with exceptional clarity. A breathtaking contrast between the natural beauty of the sunrise and the metropolitan scene below is created as the surrounding cityscape gradually comes to life while being bathed in the warm tones of dawn.

The landmark Sydney Observatory, one of Observatory Hill’s distinctive features, lends the sunrise experience some old-world charm. A feeling of awe and timelessness surrounds the scene as the sun’s rays subtly illuminate the observatory’s exquisite design. Observatory Hill’s calm atmosphere makes it the perfect place for introspection and relaxation. You can decide to relax on one of the benches, letting the cold morning breeze caress your skin while you observe how the world is changing all around you. A serene oasis in the centre of the busy metropolis is created by the lush vegetation and meticulously kept gardens, which add to the peaceful ambience.

Name Observatory Hill
Sunrise Time 6:34 am
Opening Time Everyday 10 am to 5 pm
Nearby Attractions Sydney Opera House, Watsons Bay, Susannah Place
Address Watsons Road Millers Point, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 Australia
Google Review: “This is the place for those who cannot go to Tiger Hill to watch Sunrise. This is the place where you can sit for hours and enjoy the majestic view of Kanchenjunga.

5. Glebe Foreshore Walk

Glebe Foreshore Walk

Next, we have one of the hidden gems of Sydney, where you can capture the best photographs of the sunrise. This lovely promenade offers an ideal backdrop to appreciate the majesty of the morning as the first rays of sunlight begin to appear over the horizon. The Glebe Foreshore Walk, which is tucked along the sea, provides unimpeded views of the rising sun. The serene bay’s waters reflect the delicate colours of the sky, adding to the moment’s allure with a mesmerising reflection. The tranquil atmosphere is enhanced by the repetitive sound of the soft waves lapping on the shore.

The unique fusion of urban and natural appeal in Glebe Foreshore Walk makes it stand out. You’ll be treated to a visual symphony that combines the water’s inherent beauty with the cityscape’s architectural splendour as the sun’s rays gradually brighten the area. A touch of majesty is added to the daybreak scene by the historic Anzac Bridge, with its beautiful arches that stand guard.

Name Glebe Foreshore Walk
Sunrise Time 6:43 am
Opening Time Open 24 Hours
Nearby Attractions Broadway Sydney, White Rabbit Gallery, Kangarrific Tours
Address Federal Rd opp Bicentennial Park, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia
Tripadvisor Review: ”This is such a lovely place with lots to do, loads to eat and a friendly community. We made so many friends in days and would go back tomorrow! Quiet suburb but with all you need to stay happy!” – Jim L

6. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

You can visit such wonderful places as the Sydney Harbour Bridge any time of the day, but visiting it during sunrise time is just awesome. Sydney, Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge, is a well-known landmark. It is a substantial steel bridge that crosses Sydney Harbour and connects the North Shore with the CBD. This famous building serves as both a crucial transportation route and a representation of the character of the city.

The bridge’s arch-like shape, which rises over the water, gives it a remarkable appearance. In addition to being a breathtaking sight during the day, it is also exquisitely illuminated at night, creating a captivating scene that reflects on the harbour’s surface. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, a magnificent technical achievement that adorns the skyline of the city, proudly claims the status of being the tallest steel arch bridge in the world.

The pedestrian deck of this spectacular bridge is a wonderful gem for people who appreciate breathtaking views. This promenade reveals some of Sydney’s most breathtaking views as it travels from the Bridge Stairs in the Rocks neighbourhood to Milsons Point.

Name Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sunrise Time 6:39 am
Opening Time Every day - 6:00 am - 10:00 pm
Nearby Attractions Fort Denison Island, Opal Minded, ATTY Gallery
Address Sydney Hbr Brg, Sydney NSW, Australia
Google Review: ”Awesome spot to see Sydney Opera House. The air is not very good because the walk path is next to the main way for cars on the bridge.” – Tiktiktok G.

7. Bradley's Head

Bradley's Head

For those seeking peace and beauty in nature, Bradley’s Head, a lovely location in Sydney, possesses its own appeal. Bradley’s Head offers a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city as it is tucked away along Sydney Harbour’s gorgeous waters.

The soft whispers of the sea breeze and the calming sound of lapping waves welcome your senses as you travel to this alluring location. You are invited to unwind and immerse yourself in nature among the tranquil harbour waters that serve as a peaceful backdrop.

Panorama views of Sydney’s famous sites may be found at Bradley’s Head, which is well renowned for them. The iconic Sydney Opera House and the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge can both be seen from this vantage point, each one standing tall and proud.

Name Bradley's Head
Sunrise Time 6:40 am
Opening Time Everyday 6 am to 8 pm
Nearby Attractions Taronga Zoo, Nielsen Park, Shark Island
Address Bradleys Head, Mosman NSW 2088, Australia
Google Review: “Haven’t been back since lockdown but this place is sublime. Perfect location to picnic, chill with friends and overlook the Harbour bridge in all its beauty. 😍 Highly recommend the hikes attached to this place that lead up to Taronga Zoo – the route is pretty safe and there are a lot of beautiful attractions along the way (e.g beaches). Highly recommend if looking for a chill, beautiful weekend walk.” – Lydia

Final Words

The top sunrise locations in Sydney create a mesmerising canvas that perfectly captures the essence of a new day right in the middle of the city’s picturesque landscapes. From the recognisable Sydney Opera House to the serene Bondi Beach shoreline, every location offers a special and remarkable experience. Moments of absolute beauty are created when the soft caress of dawn’s light on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the serene calm of Manly Beach, and the expansive views of Observatory Hill come together. The city is bathed in a golden glow as the sun rises, highlighting its landmarks and showcasing the natural beauty that is all around us. Sydney’s sunrise locations invite you to experience the pure delight of being awake early, whether you’re a morning person looking for peace or a traveller seeking stunning sights at sunrise.

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