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Guest posting is a potent tactic to increase your online visibility, build authority in your niche, and increase traffic to your website in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and content development. Guest posting entails creating and posting articles on other websites or blogs in your field, which not only gives their readers useful information but also enables you to highlight your knowledge. Finding the best platforms for guest writing is essential in 2023, and to assist you with getting started, we’ve put up a list of the greatest guest posting services and websites.

What are Guest Posting Services?

Services that help people or organisations find opportunities to write and publish guest posts on other websites or blogs in their respective industries are known as guest posting services. These services are frequently used in conjunction with content marketing and SEO tactics to increase online visibility, create backlinks, and develop authority within a certain market or sector.

Top Sponsored Guest Posts Sites List

Sr. No URL DA (Domain Authority)
1 29
2 20
3 26
4 29
5 20
6 20
7 20
8 20
9 20
10 20
11 24
12 21
13 20
14 20
15 22
16 20
17 20
18 23
19 20
20 20
21 20
22 18
23 20
24 20
25 20

To learn more about what guest posting services include, read on:

Finding Opportunities for Guest Posting: Guest posting services conduct research to find websites, blogs, and online publications that are pertinent to the markets or industries of their clients. They compile a list of possible blogs that welcome guest posts.

Content Creation: After choosing the best venues, guest posting services frequently include content production in their service offerings. They might have a group of writers who produce excellent, educational, and interesting articles or blog entries that adhere to the standards and target websites’ target audiences.

Outreach & Relationship Building: To pitch guest post ideas and guest posting services, get in touch with the editors, webmasters, or owners of the target websites. In order to maximise the likelihood that their guest articles will be accepted, they form and maintain relationships with the proprietors of these websites.

Content Submission and Approval: The guest blogging service submits the content to the target website in accordance with the site’s requirements after accepting a guest post concept. To make sure the content complies with their standards and criteria, they could collaborate closely with the website’s editorial staff.

Link building: Companies that offer guest posting services frequently concentrate on creating relevant backlinks to the websites of their clients. These hyperlinks are carefully positioned to raise SEO ranks and increase natural traffic.

Content Promotion: To increase the guest posts’ visibility and impact, certain guest blogging services go above and beyond the creation and submission of new content.

Reporting and analytics: To monitor the effectiveness of their guest posts, many guest blogging firms offer their clients data and analytics. Metrics like website traffic, click-through rates, and the effect on search engine rankings may be included in this.

Quality Control: Reputable guest blogging services make certain that the content they produce is of the highest calibre and adheres to the branding and messaging of their clients. Before submission, the content may be reviewed and edited by an editorial team.

A Real-World Example of Guest Posting

Example of Guest Posting

Guest posting, in simple terms, is like being invited to a friend’s house to share your thoughts and stories with their friends. But instead of a physical house, it happens on the internet. Here’s how it works:

Imagine you have a hobby or expertise, like cooking or travel tips. You wrote a helpful and interesting article about it. Now, you want to share this article with more people, but you don’t have your own website or blog to post it on.

That’s where guest posting comes in. You find someone else who has a blog or website related to your topic. You ask them if they would be willing to let you publish your article on their site. It’s a bit like asking, “Can I share my recipe with your friends who love cooking?”

If they say yes, you provide them with your article. They publish it on their website, and now their audience gets to read what you wrote. In return, you often get a small bio at the end of your article with a link to your own website or social media. It’s like saying, “If you enjoyed this recipe, come check out more of my cooking tips on my website!”

So, guest posting is a win-win. The host website gets fresh content, and you get a chance to introduce yourself to new readers and maybe even attract them to your own online “home.”

It’s a bit like being a guest speaker at an event, where you share your knowledge with a new group of people. In the world of the internet, guest posting helps you connect with a broader audience and build your online presence.

Role of Guest Posting in SEO

Role of Guest Posting in SEO

Guest posting is a crucial component of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and can improve your website’s search engine rankings as well as its general online visibility. This is how guest writing benefits SEO:

  • Backlinks: One of the main advantages of guest posting is the chance to develop trustworthy backlinks to your website. It’s common practice when writing a guest post to include links to your own website either inside the text itself or in the author bio. The importance of these backlinks stems from the fact that search engines like Google view them as “votes of confidence” from other reliable websites. The greater the authority your site receives in the eyes of search engines, the more high-quality backlinks you have coming from various sources.
  • Improved Domain Authority: Your website’s domain authority tends to rise when you gather links from reputable websites in your niche through guest posting. Search engines employ a metric called domain authority to judge a website’s reliability and credibility. The search engine rankings of your website may be influenced favourably by a higher domain authority.
  • Targeted Traffic: You have the chance to bring in targeted visitors to your website by guest posting on websites that are relevant to your area or sector. These visitors have a better likelihood of being interested in your content and products, which could increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: By posting as a guest, you can demonstrate your subject-matter authority and experience. Readers are more likely to trust your work and regard you as an industry authority when they see your valuable contributions on numerous trustworthy websites. Your SEO efforts may be indirectly boosted by this improved web presence.
  • Diverse Anchor Text: By accepting guest posts, you can decide what text is used as the anchor for a link back to your website. This aids in diversifying your profile of anchor texts, which is crucial for SEO. Diverse anchor text patterns can raise your ranks for a variety of keywords by making them seem more natural to search engines.
  • Brand Recognition: Guest posting on popular websites helps improve brand recognition. People become more accustomed to your brand when they encounter your material across many channels. When your website shows up in search results, this recognition may result in increased click-through rates, which will indirectly help your SEO.

How To Find The Guest Posting Sites

How To Find The Guest Posting Sites

Finding guest posting sites requires some research and strategic searching. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find guest posting opportunities:

  1. Select Your Industry or Niche: Start by stating your target market for your guest posts, also known as your niche. Because your content should be consistent with your area of expertise and the concept of your own website or brand, having a clearly defined niche will make it simpler to find websites that are appropriate for your guest contributions.
  2. Use Search Engines: Your main tool for conducting research is a search engine like Google. Use precise search terms to find chances for guest posting in your niche. For instance:
  • “guest post opportunities”
  •  “write for us” 
  • “submit a guest post” 
  • “become a guest blogger”
  • “guest contributor guidelines”
  •  “guest blog”/”guest post”
  • “submit an article”
  • ”submit a guest post”
  • “contribute guest post”
  • “contribute to our blog”
  • “guest blogging guidelines”
  • “contributor guidelines”

3.Scroll Social Media: Twitter and LinkedIn in particular are great for discovering guest posting possibilities. Keep an eye out for announcements about chances for guest blogging or requests for contributors on the websites and blogs you follow that are influential in your industry.

4. Examine Competitors: Research websites that compete with yours or those that are similar to theirs. See if you can find any examples of them posting as a guest on other websites. To find these posts, use search terms like “[Competitor’s name] guest post” or “[Competitor’s name] author bio”.

Top Free Guest Posting Sites

Top Free Guest Posting Sites

To help you with your guest blogging efforts, here are some of the best free guest posting sites in various niches:

Medium: Medium is a flexible platform where you can tell your tales and share your insights with a large audience. Although Medium isn’t just a venue for guest posting, many publications there do.

HubPages: HubPages allows authors to post articles on numerous subjects. You can write engrossing, educational articles that also contain hyperlinks to your website.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a site for business networking where you may post articles and connect with others in your sector. You can become regarded as an authority in your profession by sharing your knowledge and skills.

Reddit: Reddit is a sizable platform that is run by a community and has many subreddits devoted to different subjects. Find subreddits related to your field, interact with the others there, and share your expertise through thoughtful posts.

Behance: Behance is a great place to display your work if you work in a creative industry like design or painting. For readers who might be interested, you can write project case studies and attach connections to your website.

EzineArticles: EzineArticles is a well-established article directory and content publishing platform. It provides an opportunity for writers and experts to submit articles in various niches. Authors can create informative and engaging articles and include a brief author bio with links to their websites or social media profiles. 

Quora: Using the question-and-answer website Quora, you may contribute your knowledge by responding to queries in your area of expertise. To increase traffic, provide a link to your blog or website in your Quora profile. It is an online community that links guest bloggers with websites asking for their contributions. By linking writers with appropriate opportunities, it makes the process of guest posting simpler.

MyBlogGuest: MyBlogGuest is a network of independent publishers and guest bloggers. By giving authors a platform to interact with blogs that welcome guest posts, it makes it simpler to discover appropriate opportunities.

Blogger: Google offers Blogger as a free blogging platform. Users can easily develop and post blogs thanks to it. Even though Blogger generally acts as a platform for individual bloggers, you may use it to promote your guest pieces for nothing. This may be an easy approach to building your web profile and spreading the word about your skills. A popular and user-friendly content management platform provides free blog hosting. It enables people to start and maintain blogs, just like Blogger. offers a platform that is accessible for anyone wishing to contribute their material and achieve visibility in their specialised field, thanks to the large number of websites and blogs that accept guest posts.

Wix: The user-friendly interface and design capabilities of Wix make it a popular website builder. You can publish your guest posts using Wix’s blog tool, even though it’s usually used for website creation. Wix provides a simple-to-use platform for both content creators and website owners, making it a possible channel for disseminating your expertise to a larger audience.

Tumblr: Tumblr is a microblogging and social media platform known for its ease of use and strong community of users. It also offers an opportunity for users to contribute and curate content on various topics. Users can create their own blogs, post content, and engage with other users’ content through reblogs and likes.

Weebly: It is a website builder that allows users to create and manage websites with ease. While it is primarily used for building personal websites, blogs, and small business websites, it offers some potential for guest posting and content sharing.

Local News Websites: If your company or content has a local focus, think about contacting neighbourhood blogs or local news websites that allow guest posts. These may facilitate communication with your regional audience.

Keep in mind to abide by the policies and regulations of each platform you select for guest posting. Each website could have its own specific set of guidelines and expectations for visitors who contribute. Additionally, make sure your content is valuable to readers, relevant to the platform’s audience, and well-written. With this strategy, you’ll have a better chance of succeeding with guest posting and gaining long-term advantages for your internet presence.

Top Paid Guest Posting Sites

Top Paid Guest Posting Sites

For your content to get published on paid guest posting websites, you’ll normally have to make a payment. These websites frequently offer access to a larger audience, better domain authority, and other advantages. The availability of paid guest writing opportunities can fluctuate, so keep in mind that the list may alter over time. You can look into compensated guest posting on the following platforms:

HuffPost: HuffPost, one of the most popular news and opinion websites, provides possibilities for compensated guest posting. However, they have strict content patterns and a submission procedure.

Forbes: It is a well-known business and financial publication. They have a platform for contributors where specialists can write articles, although access to this platform frequently entails a cost.

Entrepreneur: The contributor platform offered by Entrepreneur magazine enables industry professionals to share their knowledge and ideas. There are occasionally premium solutions available for more visibility.

Business Insider: The well-known business news website Business Insider has a contributor programme. They give industry experts the chance to contribute content, but it isn’t expressly paid. Experts are welcome to contribute articles to, a website devoted to entrepreneurship and business. They might provide paid options if you want more visibility.

Mashable: Mashable does provide an opportunity for guest posting; it typically involves a fee, allowing you to include a backlink to your website in the contributed content. This can be a valuable way to promote your online presence and share your insights with Mashable’s extensive audience.

Search Engine Journal: This is a reputable source of news on digital marketing. They allow guest posts and might pay authors for their work.

Smashing Magazine: Web designers and developers can find resources at Smashing Magazine. In-depth lectures or articles are occasionally compensated for; however, they typically allow unpaid contributions.

Business2Community: This is a platform where experts from different industries can exchange their knowledge. They might be able to find paid employment opportunities.

AdAge: AdAge is a well-known news source for the advertising and marketing industries. Although it’s not officially paid, they have a contributor programme that can give you industry exposure.

The Guardian: You can submit content to The Guardian’s contributor platform, dubbed “GuardianWitness,” which is a well-known news source. Even though money might not always be required, it provides exposure to a sizable audience.

Newsweek: Newsweek offers a forum for contributors so that professionals can submit articles. They occasionally provide compensated opportunities.

Final Words

In 2023, the guest posting industry will continue to develop, bringing with it fresh possibilities for both website owners and content creators. Building high-quality backlinks and increasing your online presence through guest posting are still effective tactics for SEO and brand recognition, as we’ve discussed in this blog.

As a place to start for your outreach efforts, we’ve offered a list of the best guest posting websites for 2023. But keep in mind that identifying the correct websites is only one aspect of effective guest posting. It involves producing engaging and pertinent information that benefits the target audience. Gaining acceptance and upholding a positive reputation within the guest posting community also requires establishing trusting connections with website owners and editors.

So, whether you’re a seasoned guest blogger or just starting, use the list of top guest posting sites for 2023 as a resource to guide your efforts, but don’t forget to bring your unique voice and expertise to the table. Happy guest posting, and may your content continue to make a positive impact on the web!

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