Best Beaches in Melbourne

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Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria and is well-known for its vibrant culture, lip-smacking food, and cricket. But something is missing here. You know what it is? The beaches of Melbourne!

Visiting Melbourne for the first time and not going to its beaches feels like a sin; you cannot miss out on them. But you don’t even know about the seven best beaches in Melbourne; your presence here indicates it.

Indeed, finding the cosiest places to visit while travelling is a tiring process, especially when you are not the tour planner in the group. But we have your back this time! This blog lists the top seven best beaches in Melbourne that you and your family will love going to.

1. St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda is one of the most famous beaches in Melbourne, with perfect weather and several restaurants offering flavorful local cuisines that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. This beach is just 3.7 miles from the Melbourne CBD, located in Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia. The colourful water, which looks amazing during the day, makes this beach unique; it is no less than a paradise for Aussies.

This beach is over 700 metres long and considered very safe to visit for tourists and the best time to visit this beach is around early morning, two hours before the sun rises or at night. However, if you wish to see little penguins walking down the beach barefoot, you must visit this beautiful beach in the morning.

People go to this beach for a plethora of activities, including swimming, windsurfing, sailing, sunbathing, jet skiing, and beach volleyball. This beach invites people of all ages, which means you can visit this place alone or with your family, friends, and kids. So, when are you heading off this beach?

Name St Kilda Beach
Address St Kilda Beach, Victoria, Australia
Distance From CBD (7.4 km)
How to Reach By Car: You have to drive for at least 22 minutes to reach St Kilda Beach via State Route 33 from the CBD.
By Bus: You can choose the bus transport lines 246, 606, 623 and 922 to reach St Kilda Beach.
By Train: SANDRINGHAM is the train route you have to take to get to St Kilda Beach.
Nearby Eateries Stokehouse St Kilda, Donovans, Captain Baxter, Ichi Ni, and Rococo St Kilda
Ideal For Sunbathing, Sailing, Swimming, Windsurfing, Jet Skiing, and Beach Volleyball
Google Reviews – “I loved this beach. It was very peaceful. You can go there at evening time. The beach has good restaurants and gardens. You can take a direct tram to St. Kilda. The view deck is very nice” – Ankur Nahar

2. Mother's Beach

Mother’s Beach

Exploring beaches in Melbourne is one of the best things to do and if you are looking for a safe and family-friendly beach in Melbourne, Mother’s Beach could be your final destination. It is one of the favourite beaches of the locals owing to its safe atmosphere and the finger-licking food delights. With a wide range of picnic facilities, including a BBQ spot, it has become the favourite spot for picnics for all the local families out there.

Not to mention the sky-high cypress trees that offer shade in the scorching heat and enhance the beauty of Mother’s Beach. Those seeking adrenaline-pumping activities can hire a canoe or kayak to jump straight into the water and explore it all inside; the colourful water on this beach is shallow, making it safe for these thrilling activities.

If you plan on visiting this beach, you should go in the late afternoon, as it is the perfect time to adore the beauty of this beach, according to the locals. One of the best ways to go to Mother’s Beach is by boarding a taxi that may charge you around 110 to 140 Australian dollars. However, if you need a cheaper way to travel to this beautiful beach, board the line 781 bus or train.

Name Mother’s Beach
Address Mothers Beach, Victoria, Australia
Distance From CBD (74.8 km)
How to Reach By Car: You have to drive for at least 1 hr 19 min via M1 to reach Mother's Beach from the CBD.
By Bus: You can reach Mother's Beach by choosing the transport line 781.
By Train: You can get to Mother's Beach via transport line 781.
Nearby Eateries Get to the Greek, D'Lish Fish, Bay 101, Mr Hobson, and Pier Port Melbourne
Ideal For Picnic, Kayak, and Canoe
Google Reviews – “Beautiful beach, low current so the kids can play and have lots of fun. Ample amount of parking space for trailers as well. A nice walk on the pier and you can hike up the small mountain to capture the breath taking views of the sea. A good spot to do picnic, toilet and bathroom is comparatively clean . You can also find some hut… shops and restaurants nearby.. This place can get busy so plan ahead.” – Nidhi P

3. Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay Named after its crescent shape, Half Moon Bay is one of the most fantastic beaches in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the safest and calmest beaches and is located about 40 minutes from the city. If you are looking to walk away from your Sunday in peace, you must go to this place this weekend. Half Moon Bay is very popular among the local snorkelers, and people come here for various activities, including swimming, boating, surfing, and fishing. The delicious food served at the local restaurants has also captured the hearts of many. So, whenever you go to this beautiful beach, remember to taste the flavorful food. The best time to visit Half Moon Bay Beach is during the late afternoons and mid-morning as during these times you will get an opportunity to feel the cold breeze and see the spectacular view created with an ultramarine hue. You can reach this beautiful destination either by boarding a train or bus.
Name Half Moon Bay
Address Half Moon Bay, Black Rock VIC 3193, Australia
Distance From CBD (20.5 km)
How to Reach By Car: You can reach Half Moon Bay by driving for 46 minutes from CBD via State Route 33.
By Bus: Choose the transport line 907 or 901 to reach Half Moon Bay.
By Train: You have to board a train from Frankston to reach Half Moon Bay via train.
Nearby Eateries The Cerberus Beach House, Black Rock Yacht Club, Cafeteria, True South, and Flavours Patisserie
Ideal For Boating, Vessel Rides
Google Reviews – “My favorite beach when I was in Melbourne!” – Ari Anna

4. Elwood Beach

Elwood Beach

Elwood Beach is a go-to choice for almost all big families since the water on this beach is calm and clean. It provides kids with an amazing swimming experience they won’t have anywhere other than this beautiful beach. This beach has become an ideal place for picnics and is loved for its light-coloured sand.

The gentle waves of the beach have captured the hearts of many, and most of the people come here for fishing, swimming, and windsurfing. However, if you are looking for a place where you can immerse yourself in deep thoughts and seek peace, Elwood Beach is just for you. The peaceful environment of this beach will give you ultimate peace!

Big foodies will find this place a haven since there are several quality restaurants and cafes that serve delicious local food. So, treat your eyes to the spectacular panoramic views and enjoy lip-smacking food while sitting at your favourite beach in a peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Pack your bags and visit this beach today!

Name Elwood Beach
Address Elwood Beach, Victoria, Australia
Distance From CBD (10 km)
How to Reach By Car: You have to drive for at least 32 minutes to get to Elwood Beach from the CBD.
By Bus: Choose the 246, 600, 605, 606, 922, and 923 transport lines to reach Elwood Beach.
By Train: You can board the SANDRINGHAM train line to reach Elwood Beach.
Nearby Eateries Elwood Bathers, D'Gusto Thai Restaurant, Ebisu Kitchen, Earth Wind & Flour, and Blue Tongue Wine Bar
Ideal For Fishing, Swimming, Windsurfing
Google Reviews – “Elwood beach is one my favourite beaches here in Melbourne. Very clean and quiet place. Great view of the Bay and great view of the CBD and sunset. 🌇You also get some decent dining places in this area. Perfect for an evening walk!!! Highly recommend Elwood beach to any newcomes to Melbourne!!! P.S – Lot of dog walkers. ” – Khush

5. Altona Beach

Altona Beach

Altona Beach is considered one of the cleanest and most serene beaches in Melbourne and offers peace and tranquillity to visitors. The crystal clear water and soft yellow sand have won the hearts of many, making it a perfect picnic spot. Not to mention the number of restaurants and cafes it has that offer top-notch quality finger-licking local food.

This beach has a tree-lined park, which significantly enhances its beauty and invites people to spend their weekends on the beach. One of the best things about this beach is that it is accessible to people of varying disabilities; it offers beach matting, which makes it suitable for wheelchair-bound people.

If you are not in the mood for a picnic, you can also visit this beach with your furry friends for a walk while inhaling the fresh air. You should plan to visit this beautiful beach during the summer, as it is the best time for sunbathing and trying a host of water activities. You can get to Altona Beach in no time by boarding the Werribee train line.

Name Altona Beach
Address Altona Beach, Victoria, Australia
Distance From CBD (17.3 km)
How to Reach By Car: You can take the M1 and Millers Rd/State Route 41 to reach Altona Beach from CBD in 46 minutes.
By Bus: Take the 232 and 412 bus lines to get to Altona Beach.
By Train: Board the Werribee train line to reach Altona Beach in no time.
Nearby Eateries Norfolk Cafe, Mascalzone Altona, Pier 71 Bar e Cucina, Harmony Vietnamese Cuisine, and Salt n Pepa Cafe
Ideal For Volleyball, Kite Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Swimming, BBQ, Bathing
Google Reviews – “Loved the beach… pretty quiet and playground nearby…good alternate to Williamstown beach” – Venkatesh Jagadeesan Karthick

6. Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach

Only half an hour from the CBD, Hampton Beach is an ancient and pristine beach where you can have a great time with your loved ones. The coastal cliffs are the main attractions of this beach, offering a breathtaking view to the eyeballs of visitors. You can take your kids to this beautiful place for a session of swimming and they will love it!

Hampton Beach is about 500 m long and gets crowded during the weekends; however, you will always have space to sunbathe and enjoy the awe-inspiring views. While most of the beaches in this particular area are safe to visit, the life-saving club gives this beach an added advantage.

The presence of lifesavers gives a sense of comfort and safety while your kids are swimming in the pristine waters of this beautiful beach. What’s more? The bathrooms, outdoor showers, and other amenities have made this beach the first choice of all the local big families and tourists. So, whenever you feel like going to a place that provides you with ultimate pleasure, head off to Hampton Beach.

Name Hampton Beach
Address Hampton Beach, Victoria, Australia
Distance From CBD (16.0 km)
How to Reach By Car: You can take State Route 33 to get to Hampton Beach in 47 minutes from the CBD.
By Bus: Choose transport lines 828, 922, and 923 to reach Hampton Beach in no time.
By Train: Board the SANDRINGHAM train route to get to your destination with a limited budget.
Nearby Eateries Gusto House Thai Restaurant, FAZIO HAMPTON, Sebastian's Food & Wine, Roti Boti, and Urchin Bar & Restaurant
Ideal For Picnic, Swimming, and Sunbathe
Google Reviews – “Had some fish and chips here from a local fish and chip shop. Green grass, shade for picnics, multiple benches, bins, water, and free BBQs. Benches and tables were really clean and so were the BBQs so obviously maintained regularly. Parking is really difficult as beach road is extremely busy and it was quite difficult to cross the road. Very very very limited parking, this area is obviously mostly used by locals who can walk there. ” – Frank S

7. Edithvale Beach

Edithvale Beach

Have you ever heard about Edithvale Beach? Or have you ever been to this beautiful beach? Most of the readers will answer no and many won’t be aware that this beach exists in Melbourne! But now we are here to introduce you to this stunning beach that the locals were hogging all to themselves.

It is one of the best beaches in Melbourne and is a treasure for all visitors, owing to its spectacular views, pure white sand, and bathing boxes. This is a favourite spot for all the locals during the summer days for hanging out, as it is mostly clean and quieter, offering you ultimate peace.

Edithvale Beach is a perfect destination for those willing to indulge in cricket and other beach sports. The ideal time to visit this beach is at night, as you will get to feel the cold breeze. However, if you prefer going to beaches during the morning, this beach is a big yes; it offers all the morning visitors an opportunity to capture beautiful photographs of the spectacular views. After completing the beach exploration, don’t forget to try the popular desserts in Melbourne.

Name Edithvale Beach
Address 19 Somme Parade, Edithvale VIC 3196, Australia
Distance From CBD (46.9 km)
How to Reach By Car: You can reach Edithvale Beach in 44 minutes from the CBD via M1.
By Bus: Choose the transport lines 207 and 902 to reach Edithvale Beach in no time.
By Train: Board the Frankston train route to get to Edithvale Beach if you have a limited budget.
Nearby Eateries Brown Rice, Chubby Buddies, Edithvale Fish & Chips, The Crowded Hour, and A Day In BKK Chelsea
Ideal For Strolling Around, Swimming
Google Reviews – “This is a happy place for many local residents, including me and my puppy. Admittedly it can get crazy busy on a hot summers day, but otherwise it is a restful place where you can escape your everyday worries.” – Jeff Brown

Final Verdict

After some time, life starts to become monotonous, and of course, no one wants to continue it this way. You can add some to your life by visiting some of the best beaches in Melbourne with your family or alone. There are a lot of options to choose from; whether you are looking for a beach where you can create unforgettable memories or searching for peace of mind, this list has something for everyone.

So, if you are in the mood for something crazy or looking for peace after a long and tiring week, pack your bags, grab some sunscreen, and get to one of the best beaches in Melbourne without further delay.

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